All trading fees are applied to the product quote currency.

Withdrawal Fee


+ Network Fee

There are no withdrawal fees, only the normal coin network transfer fees. Transfers between BIA wallets are instant and do not incur network fees.

Account fees

There are no fees for signing up or having a BIA account. There are also no fees for holding funds in your BIA account and you may hold assets as long as desired. Your account will not be closed due to inactivity.


An order that creates, or makes, market liquidity.
A matched open limit order is a maker.


An order that removes, or takes, market liquidity.
A matched market order is always a taker.

Maker vs Taker

When you place an order at the market price that gets filled immediately, you are considered a taker and will pay the taker fee.

When you place a limit order which is not immediately matched by an existing order, that order is placed on the order book. If another customer places an order that matches yours, you are considered the maker and will pay the maker fee.

When you place an order that gets partially matched immediately, you pay a taker fee for that portion. The remainder of a limit order is placed on the order book and, when matched, is considered a maker order.